What If... In this Uncertain Economy, you could Change your Annual Income into your Monthly Income, Working Partime from Anywhere, with a Phone and an Internet Connection?

Enjoying a Leadership Dinner and the Ice Bar!
A great place to Mastermind!

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Is Life controlling you?
Take Control of your life and LIVE IT the way you want!

I am part of the Leadership Team of a large group of people taking control of their lives for real financial success and true life success. When you marry the $19 Billion Dollar PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Industry with a proven income opportunity that literally ANYONE call follow.... MASSIVE EXPLOSION takes place!

Working for oneself can be rewarding for individuals who place a high value on controlling the nature and pace of their efforts... - US Department of Labor

Are you capitalizing on this statistic?

Here are the words others are using to
describe our business:

Proven Income Solution
Recession Proof Business
Cash Machine
Leadership factory disguised as a business
Plug n Play

"I love my Life!"

"I feel like a Rock Star!"
Similar to a Franchise w/ out Franchise Fees
Strong Community making the difference
En Fuego – ON FIRE
Direct Selling Business
Ethical and Legitimate way to make income
“The most profitable 2-3 hours/day of effort”
“This business changed my life!”
“I made more this week than I made all
last year!”

Here are the words to describe what we are NOT:

We are not a pyramid
We are not a get-rich-quick-scheme
We are not a completely automated system
We are not here to hide behind a website or an email. (scroll down, enter your details for direct human contact!)


(Here, you must apply
Thank Goodness –
I am in business because
I LOVE people!!)


Getting ready to build Snow Angels and Snow men with some of my team in Whistler, BC, Canada. For some of these Aussies - it will be their FIRST TIME playiing in the snow!
We launched this company in 2001. As a person that has been a leader for the duration of the company I have experienced and witnessed thousands of people with real results. As a top income earner in the industry, our company seems to be the target for many comments. Although initially a bit of a flee, the only reason people take time to point and shoot is because we are out front. MAN that Feels GREAT. What a compliment! Companies come and go attempting to create what this company has managed to do so effectively. We are unique, with a 7 year track record. This multimillion dollar, debt free company is breaking new ground. Now in 70+ countries, exploding into the Spanish market!

Do you Belong here? Will you have Success here?

You will choose. Success here and anywhere is a choice!

My 11 years of experience, here’s what it takes to be successful.

Strong desire to change
Willingness to Follow Instructions

I know because that is all I had. The rest is acquired as you go! The best training from the top income earners is provided daily – scripts / sample ads / marketing techniques..etc. Because our industry is personal development, we first utilize the principles ourselves then offer them as part of our curriculum. Therefore a person committed to success, becomes undeniable…

My Team:
With the top income earners in the company as part of our team, you will be surrounded by success and support. They are located all over the world and available to you and your commitment.

Lisa Molina (Center – About 2nd Row Up) surrounded by 100 of her top leaders on a
Leadership Cruise in the Hawaii 2009.
Most, if not All, of which have made in ONE month, what most take all year.

Bob, Skye and Lisa Molina - Enjoying the Beach


Lisa Molina and Bob Proctor
(From "The Secret")

Rachel Oliver and Shane Krider
with Lisa and Bob Molina

Mentors are Key

My Story:
I was accustomed to working 50+hours/week to make $30k/year. As on office manager for years I also did personal training and cocktail waitressing. I remember changing clothes for my different jobs in the office bathroom and eating out of a cooler to and from jobs. All for $30k/yr! I was frustrated, and at age 30, I wanted to start a family and actually feel like who I was, and what I was doing, was making a difference for people.

People really do want to make a difference!

I knew that it would take time and money. I bumped into a guy who told me I could make my annual income in a month. Ok Fine...

SHOW ME how to make my annual income in a month!


And now myself, and my team, are committed to showing you.


Initially I benefit. I am vested in you financially to ensure your success. I continue to benefit from your leadership. LIFE IS RECIPROCAL. And you, now, are another person in our worldwide team, who is having success!

Life Beyond the Rat Race is a movement.
It’s a decision
It’s a way of life... And you get to define what it means to you...

For many it’s:
Spending time with family
Being able to buy what they want when they want
Traveling where they want, when they want... How they want!
Knowing that what they do on a consistent basis is impacting people/ our world.
Being a leader and a mentor!

Well more importantly, what does this mean to you?

Through my years of experience, the majority of people clearly know what the rat race is.

And...many people may not have clearly defined what Life BEYOND the rat race is.

So ponder with me for a few seconds...
A few of the possibilities of life BEYOND the rat race...

MORE MONEY to play with
MORE MONEY to invest
MORE MONEY to travel with
MORE MONEY to assist people
MORE TIME with family
MORE TIME with friends
MORE TIME to do what you want WHEN you want
CONTRIBUTION to your favorite cause/charity
BEING A STAND for others with TIME and MONEY

A few things to learn to let go of:

LETTING GO OF A boss. Or in my case.. MANY bosses.
LETTING GO OF working hard for an hourly pay
LETTING GO OF the excuses for why you are not doing what you love
LETTING GO OF the words "I can not afford it" and the excuses to not have the things you want most

Instead – admitting to yourself “I HAVE THE DESIRE FOR CHANGE” and “I AM WILLING TO LEARN HOW TO make my Annual Income in a MONTH!” When we better ourselves, and move from the problem to the solution, we move from survive to thrive, and that is where we make a difference!


Love makes our world go ‘round and Money pays for the trip. I feel blessed to have the solution to getting you more of both! And you can too!

ARE YOU READY to be a part of this movement that is changing the way people LIVE in our world today?!!!

BE THE SOLUTION!!! Contact me NOW. I work with those who, like me, are willing to simply get into action. The skeptical get to see that my/our team results speak loudly and this business is REAL.

Success goes well with Champagne!
Sabering the bottle of Champagne - No Less!

Shane, Yonika, Lisa and Rachel after just arriving to Prague, Czech Republic. For another Adventure assisting the Europe team!

Please fill out the webform to the right giving your general contact information. After you do so, we will contact you to share more about this opportunity.


Success in business and in life is up to YOU... Take a chance. Make it happen.



Lisa Molina



End Your "Rat Race" Now!! CONTACT ME:

First Name:
Last Name:
Time Zones:
Current Occupation:
Serious Income Goal:
Reason for Responding:
Real People... Real Stories
Listen to the words of people who have declared their independence,
& hear how they now experience the FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT of controlling their own destiny:

California, USA

After losing my job to corporate downsizing, I fulfilled a long time dream of going into business for myself. Having now been a business owner and successful entrepreneur for over 6 years, I live a life that most people only dream of. Travelling the world first class, the freedom to work when I choose & assisting a lot of others to achieve all that they deserve. I love what I do!

Chip & Debbie
Texas, USA
Chip was a Pilot in the US Air Force for nine years spending most of his time overseas and away from his family. Wanting a change, he left the military and stepped into corporate America for the next 16 years. This kept him closer to his family but as he climbed the corporate ladder, he realized the time investment and environment fell short of what he desired. Debbie worked in the Healthcare Industry for over 22 years and had virtually maxed out her salary potential in this field and knew something had to change if they were to achieve their lifestyle goals.

In December, 2006 they plugged into this unique business opportunity which has enabled them to create the financial income they were looking for, giving them the freedom to work from a home office environment and travel at their leisure. It also allows them to support their chosen charities and serve the local community. And most importantly, it has given them the ability to assist others in reaching their lifestyle, financial and charitable goals as well.

Melbourne, Australia
My name is Pauline and I live with my husband and son in Melbourne, Australia. My journey began here in April 2008. Prior to that I'd enjoyed a varied employment background as a ballerina, dance teacher/examiner, kindergarten assistant and over 5 years in a MLM Health and Nutrition company. My husband had been working 80-100 hours a week in the building industry and due to some decisions and actions we'd taken over the years we found ourselves on the brink of bankruptcy.

We were so excited when we found this opportunity and absolutely knew this was the vehicle we had always been looking for. Working very consistently with the simple system and particularly the products, I started to see myself growing on a daily basis and as a result my income followed. I was able to retire my husband in my 7th month in business which was a dream come true and attending all the conferences and events together as a family has allowed us to embrace our incredible company, community and philosophies with all our hearts.

We've created a whole new reality in such a short space of time, working 25 to 30 hours a week, we now enjoy total financial and time freedom. I'm so excited for the future, not just for us but for everyone here.

Paul & Yonika
New South Wales, Australia

After years in the Corporate world, we began to search for a Lucrative Business that we could work around our 2 young boys. Always determined to be independent from a Boss, we knew there had to be something better, and wanted to have fun whilst we were doing it! We now have an Online Business we can run from anywhere in the World at anytime we choose - it is absolute FREEDOM and the incredible income is the icing on the cake!

Perth, Australia

I am a 27 year old Mum to 3 young children and prior to finding this business I had been a stay at home mum for 6 years. So as you could imagine I had no business experience at all, I could barely send an email. But the system in place here is so easy to follow, that I had my new business up and running about 4 hours after joining. I am now able to take my family on amazing holidays all over the world, and my kids get to experience a life that I only thought I would be able to give them in my dreams, but in just a few short months this dream has become my reality. Putting my kids into daycare was never an option for me I had my kids to raise them myself, so therefore my husband who is a boilermaker had to work hard, long hours to provide for us. Now as entrepreneurs we know that we can be at cause in our lives and not at the effect and thanks to our business which provides us a monthly income that matches what some people make in a year my husband will be a retired man before 30. I am having an absolute ball here, I get to grow as a person, have a positive impact on people and teach my kids that anything is possible.


Exit the Rat Race... Make the Investments that Matter!

Bob and Skye Molina - iding a JetSki in Azle, Texas!

Hiking Cinque Terre and enjoying the wine of Northern Italy.

Lisa and Skye Molina - Adventure - Camping in Malibu, CA!

Skydiving over Eloy, Arizona at Skydive Arizona.

Enjoying the Dolphin Cove at the Atlantis in the Bahamas!

In the Bahamas Welcoming Our Team!


Skiing the Swiss Alps.
Engelberg, Switzerland.

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